96 Pcs 27″ x 39″ EXTRA LARGE Vacuum Space Bag Saving Storage Space Bags

Item#: 96B-6898
Package Includes:
• 96 Extra Large 27" x 39" (68cm x 98cm)

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Full Description

We are a large Space Bags manufacture offers the highest quality commercial grade Space Bags in the North America market. This vacuum seal tight space bag will help you save up to 75% storage space. It is perfect way to put you blankets, comforters, pillows, jackets, sweaters, seasonal clothing and all other bulky items away for storage.



  • Bags are reusable
  • Double airtight and waterproof zippers
  • Easy to organize your home with our space bags
  • Easy to store large puffy items like blankets and pillows
  • Protect against dirt, moisture, mildew and bugs 


It is very easy to use, just pack your items, close the double airtight and waterproof zippers, remove air using standard household vacuum and it is ready for storage. You can storage the compressed bags almost anywhere at home like basement, garage, and attics space.

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